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Governor's Committee on Education Excellence

Public schools help provide 6.3 million California children with the opportunity to achieve the American dream. Successful schools are critical to the health of our democracy and the future economic health of our state. Currently, too many of our children are leaving our education system without being prepared for success in their future careers or further education.

The Governor's Committee on Education Excellence was created in April 2005 as an independant, non-partisan, privately funded group charged with examining K-12 education in California and recommending steps to improve the performance of public schools.

The Committee was charged with focusing on four interrelated areas:

  • Finance: the efficiency and sufficiency of education funding
  • Governance: the functioning and effectiveness of governance structures
  • Teaching: teacher recruitment, training, support, and compensation and
  • Administration: the preparation, support, and retention of education leaders.

In conducting its work the Committee expanded its work to focus on two additional foundational elements:

  • Data: data and information systems that can support instruction.
  • Early Childhood Education: early learning experiences that prepare children for success.

The Committee drew on the insights of researchers, policy makers, and interested parties from California and across the country to develop recommendations for comprehensive education reform in California.

The committee brought together a diverse group of experts on education, with members drawn from both the public and private sectors. The committee Chairman, Ted Mitchell, is CEO of NewSchools Venture Fund. Mitchell is an education historian and former president of Occidental College, and he currently serves as president of the State Board of Education.

"Ted has been a leader of education reform efforts in our state for two decades and has earned the trust of educators, policy makers, and legislators from both sides of the isle. I have great confidence in him and in the other committee members who represent a wide range of voices, ideas, and communities. I know they will bring forward bold and creative ideas for making our schools great."

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger